Brandon Tripicchio, Mortgage Loan Officer

Brandon Tripicchio is a mortgage loan officer specializing in residential mortgages of all types. His attention to client needs, knowledge of the mortgage application and approval process, and genuine concern for the best outcome for his clients is why he is a preferred loan officer. With over 12 years experience operating his own retail business, and several years of customer service excellence prior to that, Brandon is client-focused and makes the mortgage application and approval process stress free and as simple as possible.  

"Every client's situation is unique, their application requirements, their challenges, their goals. It's my job to sort through the mortgages available and bring them the best options for their situation. I explain the options fully, rates, payments, terms and more, and then work to secure the loan for them and have a worry-free closing process by the required contracted date. Communication is very important during the process and I ensure my clients, realtors, and all other required parties are kept up-to-speed on the status of their application and subsequent loan," ~ Brandon Tripicchio 

Call today for more information or to begin the application process.  832-910-8985

We offer several types of mortgages and home loan solutions.  Contact us for a review of your situation and allow Brandon to provide a no-cost consultation for you of his recommendations.  He is known to say, "I don't believe in telling a homebuyer 'no,' but rather believe in working with my clients to achieve home ownership even if it takes some work to get it done."  Credit challenged, hard to prove income, high debt-to-income ratios are all things pointing to a temporary situation and we can work to get you on the right track.  "I've got a wide variety of mortgages and the network to get the very best deal for you. I'll work hard, communicate, and do whatever I can to ensure your financing was as stress-free as possible," said Brandon.